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Welcome to my Tumblr. What you'll find here is probably fangirling, fangirling and then some more fangirling. I tend to keep my more serious posts to my Livejournal, so... Don't expect anything serious here. ♥

What you WILL find is Toku. Lots of it. Some Prince of Tennis, some other stuff, and some blab about Sweden or Swedish traditions when I feel like it.

But mostly TOKU. Like. Kamen Rider. Super Sentai. Basically Japanese cuties (mostly guys, some girls) who fight evil clad in SPANDEX AND RUBBER and all HAIL TEH GHEI as I am a passionate BL-fan/Slasher. WHEEEEEE ♥



This has got to be the funniest review I have ever read.  Having finished OOOs not to long ago, it’s great reading another’s reactions. Definitely following.
<3 Awwww, thank you! Hopefully my silly flailing about will continue to be entertaining; half the reason I write these is that they seem to make people happy.
(The other half, of course, being that they make me happy.)
(… Usually.)
(At the very least they’re always cathartic.)

Sweetie, you make OUR day brighter, I promise! :D

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summary of male anime friendships

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Rewatching OOO’s

And I just realized how much I love Kazari so I captured this pictures

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a good portion of that episode had the additional soundtrack of jamie and I yelling names at the heavens


(things I have learned: alchemy is never okay) (ever) (just don’t do it)




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Alfie Enoch promo pics for ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder.

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samriegel replied to your post: don’t mind me XD usual mini-rant befor…

Two lolis???? what are talking about???

Well, there’s the kid with the plush-thingie and then there’s that cutesy girl with all the frills? From what I saw of her in the opening, she didn’t look too old either, at least when compared with Milla.

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samriegel replied to your post: OH I’M GONNA LIKE ALVIN

You’re going to hate him

Oh dear >_> This is gonna be interesting~

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don’t mind me XD usual mini-rant before getting into a Tales game I guess

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XD You went through it really fast…

Yeah XD I still have the Future arc, but gonna tackle that after I’ve played Xillia I think. =D (I also want to replay Symphonia with Japanese voices… oh dear)

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deathbyshiny replied to your post: “I seriously want to find a place to restock on my items???? ;_; Isn’t…”:
I think I was at least 70 when I did it. Maybe closer to 80.

I beat the final boss (on normal) at level 63!! I feel… either very accomplished or very lazy because I didn’t level grind enough >_>

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I’ve given it some thought and I’m actually okay with Gaim ending at 47 episodes. Why? Because it’s been almost nothing but story all the way through, not counting movie-tie-ins and whatnot. Sure, you can look at series like Agito that’s also mostly story and it’s longer… But then we have Faiz, that’s the same, but the ending was very… strange? It could have been a few episodes shorter, and a bit tighter, that wouldn’t have been a bad thing. And then we have Hibiki that ended at episode 29…

I love Wizard, but it suffered a lot from monster-of-the-week, and yes, it gave us time to get to know these people better between all the Gate hunting shenanigans, but that it clocked in at 53 episodes was a little unnecessary? I think. What I’m saying is, Gaim hasn’t had the more laid back episodes in AGES which means it’s been going at a neckbreak pace and therefore, it ending at episode 47, isn’t a bad thing.

(not counting the fact that I don’t want it to EVER end but shh)

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maybe I should just cave and play on easy

but but but ;___;

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I seriously want to find a place to restock on my items???? ;_; Isn’t there one

stupid Ghardia Shaft

(I might also be a bit under-leveled? I JUST hit level 60 OOPS)


Cheria I love you >_>

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if u hate goseiger im gonna take ur lunch money

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